The Man with One Hand

ISO Paying Work

20:30 Local Time

"Come, on, cuz. I just need a stack to make rent." DD sighed as Big Larry gave him the run around from the other end of the payphone line. "For rent and food? What else? Uh, huh, yeah, I know. I know. Who? Naw. No, man! Because he is hot, and I just got out. Look, just hit me up if you hear something."

Darnell hung up the receiver swearing and pulled a pipe-smoke cigar from his jacket pocket, brushing the handle of his piece.

I don't mind risk, but come on L, he thought as he lit the tobacco and puffed some sweet, fragrant smoke. He walked back to the tenement where he was two months behind on his rent, hoping to avoid his landlord. He didn't care so much about the place. The rent he worried about was for his garage space. A small west African crew kept things pretty secure as long as their gang was paid on time. Miss a day, however, and all bets were off.


tadk diedickiedie

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