The Man with One Hand

Concert Announcement
Happenings in The World

Neo-Rock trio The Realists announced a new nationwide tour, hitting all the largest cities on the North American Continent. Fresh from recording in the studio, the tour coincides with their latest release, Come Rip My Lungs Out Please, I still Can't Breath


A Second Potential Opening

Out over the informal message boards and email lists comes an advertisement for human medical test subjects. It does specify that those with terminal illnesses will be given priority in the studies, no survival is guaranteed. If interested, the links say, send medical status documentation to a deadend terminal. 

Intro Advertisement
One Potential Opening

Intro Advertisement

Help Wanted

Wanted: Drivers to deliver cargo and specialty vehicles to various locations continent wide. Must provide proof of valid driver’s license, evidence of bonds/insurance/Cash Reserves to cover merchandise being transported as well as proof of valid open carry permitting. Expect long hours on the road to distant locations. Meals and Mileage along with delivery commissions provided. If interested post resume and list of references to EBox 99832456-0909121. Serious candidates only need apply.


Opening Up for Business
First Post

"Somehow, somewhere, some day, things will get better. At least that is what we all tell ourselves." Robert B.Lost, Outlaw Rider and Sometimes Doer of Good Deeds.


The Date: some other one than a moment ago

The Place: Middle of No Where, past the last Outlaw, into the deepest forgotten places

The Scene: a lonely gas station, rest stop, diner with several off-road vehicles, multiple rusted out Dodge Tacoma pickup trucks, along with several semis hauling ag products in the parking lot. The sun bakes down, dust devils swirl down the cracking asphalt leading both east and west.

The sign on the highway states last gas for 500 miles. 


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