Character Creation

This PbP presumes the use of the core Dark Conspiracy Rules. Flexibility will be key to accommodate all of the players. However, the d20 will be the die of choice  for task resolutions.

All Careers are open, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, PDM, FB Group, etc.

If a player desires to have more than 1 character, make sure each one has a reason to know each other. Comrades in arms, family, an ex, kids in common, etc.


Copied from Conspiracy Rules!

Allocating Attribute Points
Attributes are determined by a point allocation method, allowing you to shape your character’s strengths and weaknesses. It should be noted that the attributes generated in this step will be modified as the Character Creation process advances.

Allocating Points : You allocate points to each Attribute according to one of the four options given in the Attribute Allocation table. A list of attribute values is given based on the selected option, which is driven by the desired maximum attribute value. The player can allocate these values to any Attribute desired, but note that these values can be altered in later phases
of character generation.

Adjustments : You can now trade points in one Attribute for another. For each two (2) points by which your character reduces an Attribute, another Attribute can be increased by one (1) point. No attribute can be lowered below two (2), which represents the infirmity or extreme youth and no attribute can be raised above ten (10) at this point in character generation.

(Attributes Table in the Media Files as an image)


Character Creation

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